Rabbi Uri Sherki

 The Purpose of Life

The aspiration to truly know God, entails knowing Him through all aspects of life, from the basest material needs to the grandest pursuits of the intellect and the soul.

 Free Will

Nature may behave mechanically, according to predictable laws, but Judaism sees the soul of man as being unbound by causality.

 The Religious Experience

Religious experience should not be the cause for a connection between man and God, but rather originating in God’s revelation to man.

 The War of Ideas

How should we relate to the multitude of ideologies and value systems in the world?

 The Evil Inclination

Both the desire for good and the desire for evil are inherent and fundamental to man and this was God’s original intention.

 Secularism and Knowing God

 Atheism is not only a reaction to narrow religious conceptions of divinity, but also a way of correcting them and making them more refined and pure

Dr. Pinchas Polonsky

 Three Stages of Redemption

Saul, David and Solomon as different stages of the process of redemption